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Submitted on
July 1, 2012


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"For the First Time" by The Script

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 1, 2012, 4:33 PM
Featuring artwork from across dA to illustrate a great song by The Script, "For the First Time"

:party: I thought I'd celebrate my "coming back into activity on dA" with a song. :)

I recommend clicking here to listen to the song as you view.  There's a little dialog at the beginning, so just wait for the song to begin.  Enjoy.

She's all laid up in bed
bed by teressia this bed by thisbedistoosmall bed for love by RunningThroughUrVein
with a broken heart,
How to heal a broken heart by temporary-peace Broken heart by Mar-ka Broken Heart by Bambr
While I'm drinking jack
Classic Jack by paperstreetsoap145 jack daniels. by kamiluff Jack Daniels by Edenor Honey Bites by PaganFireSnake
all alone in my local bar,
Loose Leaf by Dani-the-Naiad alone in conversation by cweeks A Bar Called Purgatory by sapphire-feather

And we don't know how,
couple by valerag The it Couple by Xingz couple by secowankenobi
How we got into this mad situation,
a couple by mbahuyo Couple by Fwup-Baby couple by orphirin
Only doing things out of frustration
Frustration by sarahartinger frustration by EerinVink Frustration by GSkillsFrustration by Unknowncake

Trying to make it work but man these times are hard,
Storm Brewing by Dani-the-Naiad Hard To Reach by veinsofmercury Hard times, hard tried belief by moisEdy hard times by KalbiCamdan hard times by Melioriste Hard Times by RoryCoreII
She needs me now
A Pool of Rain in My Heart by Piece5113.:NEED:. by Lynn003 Crazy Gentle in the Way You... by Dani-the-Naiad I need love by april182 Always where I need to be by x-ANImation-x
but I can't seem to find the time,
to need by miamojolene too busy for life. by tonypapesh always busy by davespertine
I've got a new job now on the unemployment line,
OldPeople'n'Lines by GrandSpammerThe Unemployment Office by IMustBeDeadUnemployment by Merlend
And we don't know how, How we got into this mess
In A Mess by stareAtyou77 Solitary Mess by SilentReaper Mess by Claparo-Sans Born from the Mess by j-b0x
Is it god's test?
Deliberate Marvel by Dani-the-Naiad Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You by muddymelly Ocean-Test v2 by Renevatia God by kienzan

Someone help us 'cause we're doing our best,
:thumb29157349: A little help by Belegilgaladsome help by Rona-Keller Help Me by Tawastman
Trying to make it work but man these times are hard
Hard times we are living by iScreamLav Hard Times by AirInMotion Hard TimesHard times are coming
I can feel it
I’m holding on tightly
I still can’t believe it
I will be strong no matter what goes wrong
I promise to stand by you through it all
Remember we have been through worst
Yet we came through just fine
Hard times are coming I can feel it
I just don’t know why
Things aren’t always as they should be
I can’t blame anyone for that
All I  can do is hope for the best
I have to keep going on
I’m going to keep my head high
As a mother and a wife
I need to be strong, stronger then anyone
I will be there to wipe away the tears
Through the hard times and all the fears
Nothing will knock me down
Nothing can break me
Although hard times are coming
I will stand my ground
Hard times are coming
I can feel it in my heart
As long as we’re together
There is nothing we can’t endure
Remember our love will push us through
Nothing can or will ever tear us apart
Hard times are coming but I’m not scared
As long as I’m w
hard times by SophieMayraHard times by coveredinice Hard Times by oracle-of-nonsense

But we're gonna start by Drinking old cheap bottles of wine,
wine religion by Grinch7 Rose Wine by JTIllustrationsWine. by nigelt Glass of Wine by Hidden-Rainbows
Sit talking up all night,
Moonlight Sunflower by Dani-the-Naiad romantic night by joshushund Just Love"Why do you love me?"
I'd asked this question countless of times before, but never seemed to understand the answer.  The answer was always different, yet it was never solid and never was reason enough for me.  Things like, "because you're beautiful" or "because you're a great mother" or the infamous "because you love me."  They all seemed obvious.  Still not good enough reasons to me.  The reason for my disbelief was given in his answer this time.
"I don't know."
At first I didn't know how to respond.  I could have been offended.  But I wasn't.  Then he continued.
"Probably for the same reason you love me."
Suddenly it made sense why I kept asking the question.  I was feigning humility, wishing to know the answer not just to understand him, but to understand myself.  I needed ideas to come up with my own reasons for loving him.
"I don't know either."
We sat in silence then,
Still of the Night by since91 :thumb279649734:
Saying things we haven't for a while, A while, yeah
Talking by ObsessedByDaydreams Starlit Night by gucken Pillow Talking by SasukiMimochi Night sky and the City by Parororo

We're smiling but we're close to tears,
The Story of My Broken Heart
As I lay my ear upon his chest I hear his heart beating, thump thump.  I feel like I can hear his love beating for me beneath his ribcage.  Then I feel his lungs inhale, then shudder with an exhale.  Something isn't right, that breath was too shuddery.  I look up, and I look into his eyes.  I see a tear in the corner.  It runs down the bridge of his nose, I wipe it away with my thumb, and look deep in his eyes, seeing pain behind his eyes.
"What's wrong baby?" I ask him, a questioningly look in my eyes.
He shakes his head, looking away from me.
"Is it me?" I ask him, my voice cracking at the thought of the possibility.
"I just don't feel it anymore" he whispers as his voice cracks and tears spill from his eyes as he can't look me in mine.  I kiss away the first few tears, tasting the saltiness of them.
"I love you." I cry and lay my head on his chest again, and sob into his shirt.
"I love you too." He whispers back.
Frozen Tears by Poch4N If tears left scars... by DestinyBlue -- P4: More than love -- by Kurama-chan
Even after all these years,
:thumb206141126:Weeping Rock6 by Dani-the-Naiad smile of death by KatarzynaKostecka
We just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time
how i met your mother by kitsunegari16
And when I met him... by GaluSs
First Date by deeaRockGirlIf we meet first time by HikaruRauchio
Where two lovers meet. by Nowherexbutxhere
Nice to meet you by bachel60

The First Time We Met by HA91
That place we met by KitsuneRedWolf
She's in line at the DOLE
Standing in line by Lil-Noir Standing by oolau
With her head held high (high)
Head Held High by Kaira-NeverlandA Glance. Just one. by Karisca Head Held High by Cateyes27
While I just lost my job but
Let It Go by HA91 :thumb205187204:
Didn't lose my pride
pride by murrrzilka Sketch: Pride 3 by shirotsuki :thumb118431558:

But we both know how,
Lost by Lumaris Stay With Me. by this-is-the-life2905 :thumb183733185:
How we're gonna make it work when it hurts,
:thumb202243882:Prick a Finger by Dani-the-Naiad  Lets stay together...2 by MeAndMySelf2000
When you pick yourself up,
:thumb309440030: KakaIta Please, stay with me.. by Dakita
You get kicked to the dirt,
They take me everywhere by Miguel-Santos Eat The Dirt by raemarshall addicted to dirt by martestr

Trying to make it work but,
together by kln1
Man these times are hard,
The key of hard times... by iNeOn4e Hard Times by chadrobin Hard TimesMy father works alone,
crunching numbers in an empty room,
bet he feels like everything is doomed.
He must feel like he's on his own.
Working 20 years and going strong,
while everything is going wrong.
Is this the way he will live
for another 20 years? No,
it's not. He'll find a way
to overcome these fears, whoa,
believe in him.
My mother does her best
to juggle all she has to do,
with all the stress she's going through.
Sometimes, she needs a rest.
She doesn't get to sleep for long,
and everything is going wrong.
Is this the way she will live
for another 20 years? No,
it's not. She'll find a way
to overcome these fears, whoa,
believe in her.
People across the globe,
they fought but they were not prepared,
and they wonder if a god's out there.
People without a home,
silence is their marching song
while everything is going wrong.
And it's not that we just don't care,
sometimes all we can do is stare,
even when we know that it's just not fair.
It's not fair. Just not fair.
Not fair.
Tough Love Hard Times by BeastArteest87 :thumb135902542: Hard Times Send Me by weebobeebo

But we're gonna start by,
A Beginning by MarcoHeisler :thumb254665855: :thumb217319547:
Drinking old cheap bottles of wine,
Wine and Apples by jan3jn Dusty Old Wine Bottles by inspiron1520
Sit talking up all night,
I see you in everything I do by mehrmeer Hug by albertopoloianez

Doing things we haven't for a while,
Stay by Never-Stop-Lovin-Me Stay with me.Dream with me. by Bunnis
A while yeah,
New York by VerDaniels
We're smiling but we're close to tears,
Pour Me Out by Pchoberry Green Tears by Charestria Corrosion by NaylaSmithFake a smile by Alephunky Smile with Tears by Sa-tou
Even after all these years,
The Prayers Of Thousand Years by BlackJack0919 over the years by arbebuk
We just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time.
"Our first met..." by marinachan
first meet by hikariangelove nice to meet you by bullettotheheadWhen Lily Met James... by AndytheLemon
When I First Met YouWhen I first met you
I didn't know what to say
But when I got to know you
Everything went okay
At first we were confused
but later we found out
that we both were abused
when we really needed out
I told you how I felt
and you did the same
But look at us now
with our hearts now in tame
I wish I had told you
but I kept it a secret
That I really do love you
And you won't be a regret

First meet by qianyu The First Date by mindofkaFFV13: First Meet by ShiroiNeko-sama
Where We First Met by Manga-Lover-4-Ever
When we first met... by Madame0Hearts

Drinking old cheap bottles of wine,
Wine Bottles by richardxthripp Wine VI by diehardferret Cheap Bottles of Wine by ScarletDusk
Sit talking up all night,
Warmth by pocket-picasso Talk to the moon by scarlet-dragonchild Bird Talk by m4g1c4lm3 missing my life by LuizaLazar
Saying things we haven't for a while,
Bare Feet and Jeans by Foxy-Feetunspoken... by candysamuels Manhattan I by Passion4Photos
We're smiling but we're close to tears,
The Memory of Trees by leelloor Fly away. by me3009
Even after all these years,
let it bleed .... by chriseastmids
We just now got the feeling that we're meeting, for the first time
First Met by Marchie-MonreyThe First Time I Saw You by Hasana-chan
ooooo...., yeah for the first time
Nice to meet you by NastyDiNomeEDiFatto29 - Pure - Just to Meet You by starwide
First Meeting by artificus
(ooooo....), oh for the first time,
Beren and Luthien by Iardacil:thumb251777393:
Yeah for the first time,
meet cute by when-i-caught-myselfUntil they meet again by DarkAsteria
(just now got the feeling that we're meeting...
For the first time)
First Encounter by AzanComtesse43096Meet the Fans: Nee-san - Saku by DragonKissedWhen I First Meet You by Kouji-chan

Oh these times are hard,
Going up the stairs by giuseppefaedda
Yeah they're making us crazy
crazy freaky scary by einlee Crazy? by EmilySingSomething Give up by polawat
Don't give up on me baby.....
:thumb189421790: Give me love. . . by onixa Never Give Up by Rebeca-Cygnus

Glad to be back, everyone! :dalove:  Thanks for being patient.

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  • Listening to: children playing with the hose
  • Reading: The Abhorsen Chronicles (for the second time)
  • Watching: So You Think You Can Dance
  • Eating: Munching a fresh piece of coconut. Num.
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